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I remember a commercial that aired just a year ago that has really stuck with me, I don’t recall the brand but I recall the message! A young boy was up to bat anticipating the next pitch. Apparently the man narrating was recalling his boyhood memory. The boy was eyeing the pitcher with anticipation and anxiety—‘would the pitcher throw a curve ball?’ As the man continued on with his narration he said these poignant words that have remained with me, “I knew what to do because my coach had hit that pitch before.”

Our family has been thrown a curve ball. We knew this day could and probably would come, but now we are ‘up to bat and staring down the pitcher’.

My older brother by two years, Kirk, was given a referral for a heart transplant just yesterday, Friday, October 24, 2014. I had taken my brother to his appointment with his cardiologist knowing that this would most likely take place.

After the appointment we sat in the car for a moment while my brother opened the small folded ordinary prescription order form that the doctor had very simply written: "Stat Cardiac Transplant Referral." It also included the transplant doctor’s name and phone number at Cedar Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. Such an understated form for such a supreme perscription!

My brother has had a defib/pacemaker device for some time now. He has had several major cardiac events where his heart stopped and he was revived, the most recent being just this past Thursday morning.

To say we have many emotions is an understatement. For me, I find it odd that I am unable to rally words for my cause. I have typed and re-typed this paragraph in search for those words, but this is as good as it gets.

However, this is what I do have: great faith in our COACH who has hit this pitch before!

The Lord has even given us friends that have hit this pitch before, Richard and Sherri Hawkins! Richard had his heart transplant in January of this year, just 10 months ago! He is doing amazingly well and it is testimony to our great God who is Healer! Kirk also has the same doctors as Richard. Many similarities that some would call coincidences—but we know differently! Richard and Sherri are coming over to visit with us all this Sunday . . . we are so grateful!

Kirk has two adult children: Jessica and Joshua. Jessica is married to Geoff and together they have three children. Jessica is also an RN and has been very helpful with these events in addition to her loving daughters’ heart. My brother moved in with our parents some time ago as he cannot live alone. They are, Wayne and Pat.

A Scripture verse that the Lord has imprinted upon my heart comes from Daniel chapter five verse twenty three: our life-breath and ways and are kept in His hands. That’s a very safe place for our very breath to be—in HIS HANDS! This is a fact for all of us but I am especially aware and thankful for this treasured fact today!

I believe God to impress upon hearts to walk with us in prayer; to uphold us, and to give us strength when we will need it most. Just last night my dearest friend shared with me how the Lord showed her how she could help in very tangible ways in addition to her prayers. I know the day for that fulfillment will come, and I am humbled and ever so thankful for our friendship! I know that God will give us everything that we will need and right when we will need it.

I have seen this pitch before too; in that, God is ever faithful, and so are His people!

Love and blessings to you all,


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