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Do you ever wonder what it will be like when you will finally get to see Jesus face to face? What will your reaction be? Will you dance before Him or to your knees will you fall?

This is what the Apostle John did: "And when I saw Him, I fell at His feet as a dead man..."! (Rev. 1:17) And just think, John, the most intimate with Jesus of all the disciples, the one who laid his head on Jesus’ breast. The one everyone referred to as, “The one who Jesus loved.” And yet John, who knew Jesus so well, was so overwhelmed at His presence—he simply could not react!

No words.

No questions.

No bowing.

No kneeling.


John simply FELL as a dead man!

But better yet, read how Jesus responded to John's reaction! “…and He laid His right hand upon me, saying, “Do not be afraid…”.

In my mind’s eye I can see His Majesty as He tenderly lays His hand upon John who is completely and utterly undone. A simple touch....a few words. Isn't that all we ever need? The God of all creation in ALL His glory, and yet He makes a very human connection with John!

Yes we think and dream about that day and what our reaction will be—but better yet, ponder and consider the truth that Jesus will have a very REAL reaction to you as well!

What will that day be like?

His touch...His words...

I can only imagine!


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