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“Show me Thy glory!”

Wow! Have you ever, even once, in your whole life begged God to show you His glory? This is what I love about Moses most! Even though Moses was accustomed to speaking with God face to face, just as a man speaks to his friend (Ex. 33:11), he wanted more! Moses wasn’t satisfied with the amazing intimacy he already had with God. Oh no! In the original Hebrew, Exodus 33:18 is, “O show me THINE OWN SELF!” (Note: in Hebrew this is in all capital letters).

I realized just this morning that it had been awhile since I have prayed this way, “O God, show me Thy glory!” Why? Probably for a number of reasons. We all experience ebb and flow in our prayer life; there are times that the Lord leads us and inspires to pray in a particular way and so we develop a bit of a habit for our pattern of prayer for a while. Because that’s how we are. We are such creatures of habit. And then there are other times that we just kind of get stuck in a rut, praying the same old way day after day. The topics may change but our approach remains the same.

And then sometimes we're just satisfied with our same old relationship with the Lord and become complacent, or maybe a lot complacent. So this morning I begged God to show me THINE OWN SELF! And you know what? He did! He showed me just a part of Himself, His presence! I felt a sense of His presence that I haven’t felt in a while. And all I had to do was ask. Sincerely.

All I had to do was want more!

He was just waiting on me!

When was the last time you prayed for God to show you His glory? If never, or if it’s been awhile—maybe this will serve as a nudge for you.

He’s waiting!

Listen. . . .


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