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just a bit about me . . .




      I really love being a wife, mother, and grandmother, which I truly consider my greatest callings! I love morning walks with my husband, visits with family, babysitting, long conversations with girlfriends, a comfortable chair, good coffee and a good book too . . . these are just few of my favorite things! And if we were to have a cup of coffee together, we might talk about marriage and motherhood, friendship, good coffee and good books . . .

      But we live in a rapidly changing world where change is the new normal, and we have deep concerns which are a topic of discussion for so many! "How should Christians view their present opportunities, for such a time as this?" I believe it's an exciting time to be a Christian and I would love to share my perspectives with you! 

      So, I've been busy serving the Lord in a variety of ways, and you can catch-up on my ministry activities and get a feel for my heartbeat by viewing the pages of this website. 


      Get excited! You are living in a day of unique opportunities!




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